95 Woodward Parkway  |  Farmingdale, NY 11735

Phone: 516-752-6560

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Woodward Parkway School
95 Woodward Parkway
        Farmingdale, New York  11735 

Principal: John Patrick Klocek

Asst. Principal: Jennifer DeHayes 
Woodward Parkway


 The Character Education trait for the month of JUNE is:

Dear Parents,
      We are excited to announce that Woodward Parkway has started a Twitter feed. Please follow us at @WWP_Dalers. Some of you are familiar with Twitter while this may be new to others. Hopefully, these questions will help.
      What is Twitter?      Twitter is a service for friends, family, and coworkers to communicate and stay connected through quick messages. People write short updates, often called "Tweets," of 140 characters or less. These messages are posted to our profile and are sent to our followers. 
      Why Twitter?      How many times have you asked your child, “What did you learn in school today?” If your children are anything like ours, they typically answer, “Nothing.” By following our feed, you will have information about what grade levels are learning and have a starting point to ask your child about.
      Can I ask questions on the Woodward Parkway feed?      Not at this time. As of now, we are using our Twitter feed to send out information, not to communicate directly with individuals.
      Will pictures be posted on Twitter?      Yes. As we see things happening in and around our school, we will tweet pictures with captions.
      How do I sign on?      In order to follow our school’s Twitter feed, you will need to create your own Twitter account. To do so, please go to www.twitter.comand look for a section on the page that says, “New to Twitter? Sign Up.” You will need to enter your name, an email address and select a password. Once you have established your account, please use the search function found at the top of the page which is represented by the image of magnifying glass. When prompted, type in @WWP_Dalers and select our school’s icon. Once you arrive at our school’s page, click the button “Follow.” Once you do that, you will receive updates from our school on a regular basis which will help you talk about the school day with your child.
      We look forward to sharing information with you using this exciting new tool and we thank you for your continued cooperation and support.
           Patrick Klocek                                                  Jennifer DeHayes