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  • motisi
    Michael Motisi
    Assistant to the Superintendent for Business
    telephone #: 516-434-5120

    Welcome to the website page of the Farmingdale School District's Business and Support Services Department.

    Our function is to support the district's educational programs and to help expand opportunities for students through the design and management of our annual budget, long-term financial planning, multi-year capital and facility planning, and also through the organization and deployment of our Food Services Department.  We are also actively planning ways to improve the safety and security of our students and assisting in the development of a more expansive infrastructure; all of this, while focusing on our financial and fiscal responsibilities to the State of New York and to the taxpayers in the Farmingdale community.  Our goal in every decision we make is to maximize our taxpayer dollars and to achieve optimum operational efficiencies.

    Since the inception of the Comptroller's Five-Point Plan back in 2008, we have been audited on countless occasions.  In fact, every check that leaves the Business Office is audited and reported back to the Board of Education.  Our internal controls and fiscal management is central to us and has enabled a AA+ rating from Standard & Poor's and numerous positive audit comments.

    This website has been designed to provide our staff and our community with information that is relevant to our operation.  Should you have any questions or recommendations, please feel free to contact the office at your earliest convenience.


    Brian Ernst
    School Business Administrator
    telephone #: 516-434-5140
    fax #: 516-752-1451 

    Nelson Dominguez
    Director, Districtwide Operations
    telephone #: 516-434-5150
    fax #: 516-752-2873 
    Maureen McCorkell
    Manager, Food Services
    telephone #: 516-434-5251/5252 
    fax #: 516-752-2267 

    Student Registration
    Registration Hours
    Monday - Friday
    8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
    telephone #: 516-434-5112 
    fax #: 516-752-3025

    Marc Medina
    Supervisor of Transportation
    telephone #: 516-434-5115
    fax #: 516-752-3025