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Flipgrid’s Student Voice Bus Tour rolls into Woodward Parkway Elementary School during Teacher Appreciation Week

When Farmingdale School District’s Instructional Coach for Digital Learning, Bonnie McClelland, was introduced to Flipgrid—a video discussion platform for students—she, well… flipped! She immediately saw its potential to grow student engagement and promptly reached out to its creators to develop new ways to use it at the district.

The “grid” of Flipgrid is a classroom or community (established by individual teachers with privacy settings) created to ignite discussion and collaboration among classmates. Students share their voices by making videos that they post in the grid. They are taught that everyone’s voice must be respected.

Ms. McClelland’s innovative ways of using the platform at Woodward Parkway Elementary School caught the attention of Flipgrid’s Minneapolis-based staff, and when they set out on their first-ever Student Voice Bus Tour they chose Woodward Parkway as their last official stop.

The visit—which took place during Teacher Appreciation Week—included a fun-filled assembly in front of a packed audience of ecstatic elementary school children. The experience gave students a chance to ask questions and share ideas about what they would like to see on the platform in the future.

“It’s a classroom tool that truly engages the students and amplifies their learning through open discussion,” explains Ms. McClelland. “We’re moving away from the model of the teacher in the front of the class. This tool teaches social learning with conversations after the fact.” It can also be especially helpful for those children too shy to speak up during class.

To the delight of all students, the Flipgrid staff presented Ms. McClelland with two Voice Pods for children to use as roving recording studios to create future video messages.

Bonnie McClelland and the staff of Flipgrid  Flipgrid in the classroom

The Student Voice Bus Tour  Banner at Woodward Parkway