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Middle School Students Create “Tasty” Videos

Food-prep videos have become all the rage on social media. Shot from an overhead point of view, these instructional videos are sped up to show viewers how to prepare a variety of recipes in mere seconds—and they sparked a lesson plan for Family and Consumer Science teacher Dr. Jeanne Kuhner. 

Dr. Kuhner tasked her career and technical classes at Howitt Middle School to become “Tasty Producers.” Students chose recipes, prepared food, shot step-by-step prep, edited the footage—even selected the music. They picked cuisine that ranged from savory calzones to fluffy muffins to gooey chocolate chip cookie brownies.

“My students were so excited about their videos, and shared them with their classmates on Flipgrid,” said Dr. Kuhner.  

Students preparing muffin tins      Students video taping calzone making