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Farmingdale High School Students Selected for All State and All National Performing Groups

Farmingdale High School Students Selected for All State and All National Performing Groups


The Farmingdale School District recently announced that 12 students from Farmingdale High School were selected for New York State School Music Association’s (NYSSMA) All State and All National performing groups. Receiving a nomination to All State or All National is an extremely high honor, often only received after years of practice and preparation.


“The Farmingdale School District is incredibly proud of all the students selected for NYSSMA’s All State and All National performing groups,” said Farmingdale Superintendent of Schools John Lorentz. “The district is honored to be able to offer a robust music and arts curriculum, and we look forward to supporting these students as they reach even greater heights.”


To be selected for this award students participated in NYSSMA’s annual festival in which students from throughout the state played a prepared piece and received a rating by professional judges. Many students start this evaluation process in fifth or sixth grade.  For each NYSSMA level, the music is more demanding and students are judged on every aspect of performance including tone quality, technique, musicianship, interpretation, musicality, dynamics and sight-reading ability.  When students reach tenth grade, they become eligible to compete for the All State and All National audition if they have achieved outstanding proficiency on the highest level of music literature comprehension.


Excelling in music requires patience, practice and many years of dedication. These skills will both help these students pursue their musical passions and will also serve them throughout their lives,” said Farmingdale High School Principal Dr. Samuel Thompson. “We are incredibly honored that these students call Farmingdale High School home, and we can’t wait to see where their ambitions lead them.”

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