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Farmingdale School Brings History to Life

Farmingdale School Brings History to Life

Albany Avenue Elementary School Students Receive Special Visit from Historical Figures


The Farmingdale School District recently brought history to life at Albany Avenue Elementary School during its recent “History Alive” presentation. During two assemblies, Broadway theatre veteran Patrick Garner portrayed Thomas Alva Edison and Captain Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark to teach students about American history and the evolution of technology.


During each assembly student-volunteers, dressed in neckerchiefs, blankets and hats, joined Garner onstage as Edison’s assistants and Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery. Working alongside “Thomas Edison,” students recreated some of Edison’s most famous experiments and learned the value of hard work, mistakes, turning liabilities into assets and enjoying one’s work. Playing as Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery, students encountered the scenic majesty of the wild American landscape and discovered natural science, character development and teamwork. The students have been studying the work of Thomas Edison and Lewis and Clark as part of their biography and history curriculum.


This program was organized through a partnership between the Farmingdale School District and Theatreworks USA to engage students in their history material. Theatreworks is is America's largest educational theatre for young and family audiences.

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