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Farmingdale High Schools’ Technology Honor Society Builds Training Props for the Miller Place FD

The technology honor society students at Farmingdale High School needed a project to build, and Farmingdale technology teacher Kyle Matura’s hometown firehouse needed training props—so he came up with an idea that would be a win-win for everyone.  

With lumber supplied by the Miller Place Fire Department, Mr. Matura had his students design, plan, and construct props—called mask confidence training units— that will enable trainers to simulate conditions that firemen often face in the field, such as going into a room with no floor or breaching a wall should a fire trap them inside. One of the more elaborate props they designed is a mock staircase that will be used to teach firefighters how to escape a room should the stairs give-way beneath them. 

"It is extremely uncommon for a fire department to have a set of training units like these, so when I proposed the idea I was thrilled that students stepped up to the challenge with great enthusiasm,” said Mr. Matura.

Miller Place Fire Department Chief Matt Bruemmer was exceedingly grateful for the student’s hard work. “It’s a great thing for them and a great thing for us,” said Chief Bruemmer. “We spend a lot of time training and this is awesome.” 

Chief Bruemmer and engine company officers from the Miller Place Fire Department arrived at Farmingdale High School with a long flat truck to take delivery of the props and transport them home to their firehouse. Technology students Ryan Hunt and George Frontino—who built the props—were on hand to help them load and secure them on the truck.

Mr. Matura added, “The Miller Place Fire Department will use these to train and improve on critical skills needed for firefighter survival. We hope neighboring departments will see the value of these training units and reach out to our Farmingdale technology students, who will be more than willing to apply their skills to construct additional sets. 

Teacher Kyle Matura and his students helping the Miller Place FD load props onto the truck