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Howitt’s Summer Fun Bunch Receives Certificates of Appreciation for Community Service

Twenty Howitt Middle School students, who participated in community service projects over the summer, received certificates of appreciation at Howitt’s first PTA meeting—held September 27th, 2018.

Under the guidance of Howitt Middle School Assistant Principal Cheryl DePierro and Innovation Lab teacher Jessica Zanco, students volunteered their time over the summer for an average of 25 hours on various community service projects. The middle-schoolers were tasked with stewarding their own ideas, which centered around the needs of their school community.

Many of the young teens spent time helping out with orientation plans for the incoming 6th grade. This included leading new students on one-on-one walking tours of their schedules and teaching them how to schedule the use of their lockers effectively. Another project included taking pictures of the “do’s and don’ts” of a lockdown drill and putting them into a presentation to share with their peers. They also created a video on bus safety which will be completed this November.

“These Howitt Middle School students were very generous to give up some of their summer vacation time to serve their peers,” said Assistant Principal DePierro. “But every minute they gave was rewarded back to them by the sense of satisfaction they experienced in helping others. It was a great opportunity for them to become mindful of how they can use their time for good deeds.”