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Much Ado about Stuffing

The first annual Farmingdale Central Administration Stuffing Competition took place in the board room at Howitt Middle School on Friday, November 16, 2018, with seven contestants vying for the top honor of 2018 Stuffing Champion.

Each dish was anonymously labeled, then presented at lunchtime for staffers to sample and vote on. Among the contenders were Mary Rogers, Marie Lovisa, Michelle Fitzpatrick, Diane Pedicini, Samantha Black, Theresa Morante, and Liz Isleman.

When all the votes were counted, Diane Pedicini’s stuffing came in first place, winning her a gleaming gold trophy, a year of bragging rights, and most importantly, Superintendent Paul Defendini’s parking spot for the week leading up to Thanksgiving!

“This is a great tradition to start here at Farmingdale,” said winner Diane Pedicini. “Sharing recipes brings out the Farmingdale family spirit in everyone, and is the “stuff” that makes the district like no other.”

 “A special thank you to all of those cooks that put their dish on display,” said Superintendent Defendini. “It takes courage to put yourself out there for others to judge and you should all be very proud, as it was a very close contest. Thank you to all our wonderful tasters—your taste buds were put to the test this afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving to all!”


 Left to right – The contestants: Diane Pedicini, Marie Lovisa, Mary Rogers, Theresa Morante, Michelle Fitzpatrick, Samantha B