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Shark Tank in the Classroom

Fourth and fifth grade students at Albany Avenue Elementary School participated in an innovative lesson project that was patterned after the television series Shark Tank—geared towards teaching students the basics of business.

“Students were instructed to create a company and a product that would help their fellow students become better learners,” said Alyssa Sudmann, the teacher who designed the lesson. “Their enthusiasm and creativity were truly on display during their presentations!”  

They devised a variety of products, including: Creative Cases, U-Pencils, Kindness Points, Lego Bookstands, Smartpack, Up Goes the Art, Homework Finder, Rollerpacks, and a Farmingdale Elementary Schools Homework Helper. 

Students presented their ideas to a panel of Farmingdale “sharks” which included teacher Megan McDonald, Assistant to the Superintendent for Elementary Dr. Jennifer Olsen, Assistant Principal Victoria LoRusso, Principal Joseph Valentine, and Superintendent of Schools Paul Defendini.