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Albany Avenue 5th Grade Hosts 3rd Annual Cardboard Arcade

The fifth-grade students at Albany Avenue Elementary School transformed their gym into a colorful cardboard arcade this past Tuesday.

This was the third year for the event, originally inspired by a YouTube video called Caine’s Arcade, about a nine-year-old Los Angeles boy named Caine Monroy, who spent his entire 2012 summer vacation dreaming and building an intricate DIY arcade using cardboard boxes from his dad’s auto parts store.

The students began working on their games in September with a brainstorming session, then created, decorated, and named their games for the big event. 

Every grade was given a time to visit the arcade and each student received a fun pass to play five games. The 5th graders were very patient with the younger students as they taught them how to play the game. Everyone had a blast!