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Howitt Middle School Hosts Farmingdale Librarians

The reading teachers at Howitt Middle School hosted two librarians from Farmingdale public library to chat with their students about the benefits of signing up for a public library card. This outreach was a way to reach children unaware of all the databases available to them, and inform them about specialty programs, e-books, audio books, reading clubs, and more. 

“These sessions provided great synergy for us,” said sixth-grade reading teacher Merle Goess. “Librarians wants more children coming to the library, and we want to get more children reading.”

Creating a literacy rich school environment is a top priority at Howitt Middle School. All the reading teachers are actively working with the public library to help facilitate the signing up process for children eager to receive new library cards and/or renew expired cards.

The children came up with some thoughtful questions during the sessions. They wanted to know how long they could keep a book and about the procedure to renew it. The librarians brought some new titles for the children to consider reading, and taught them about the label system that helps them identify new and specific genres of books, so they can easily find what they’re interested in. Before the sessions wrapped up, students were encouraged to suggest different programs they would like to see take place at the library. Among their recommendations were an emoji guessing game, a graphic novel book club, and a minute-to-win-it contest. 

The middle schoolers came away with the knowledge that the public library isn’t just a building with a collection of books, but a new world of information and programs waiting to be discovered. The children were energized—and a little bit surprised— to learn that everything at the library was free! They left ready and exited to explore their library skills.