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Farmingdale History Club Students Participate in Ethics Bowl

On Saturday, February 2, 2018, the Farmingdale High School History Club took part in the Tenth Annual Long Island High School Ethics Bowl at Hofstra University— one of 36 regional ethics competitions held annually across the United States. 

Farmingdale participated with two teams, who analyzed and discussed real-life, timely, ethical issues. They were led by high school teachers Jim Hughes and Jennifer Theo-Kupstas, who devoted many hours preparing their students to defend the ethical questions surrounding fifteen cases. 

Farmingdale’s Team Two was thrilled to receive the Robert Ladenson Award for Spirit of the Ethics Bowl for their outstanding discourse. Students win by proving they have carefully considered every angle of the case up for discussion, how they offer and receive feedback, and how they respond to new considerations. The team of students included: Paul Lloyd, Zach Suwalkski, Aly Lilja, Amanda Stoll, Lukas Savarese, Andrew Magrane, and Matt Perez. 

 “We were proud and honored to receive the Spirit of the Ethics Bowl Award!” said Mr. Hughes. “Farmingdale was recognized out of 26 teams for the most collegial and civil discourse of the competition, that included the exploration of complex issues such as gerrymandering, data violence, and ethics in the workplace. This lesson in respectful discourse will make them more well-rounded citizens and more complex thinkers.”

Samantha Black, Director of Social Studies for the Farmingdale School District, who served as a judge at the event, said, “Our students entered into this competition with a genuine understanding of the goals of the Ethics Bowl, demonstrating respect and openness to the views of others.”

The History Club is an extra-curricular group that supplements the social studies core curriculum. The mission of the Ethics Bowl is to promote ethical awareness, critical thinking skills, civic engagement, and an appreciation for diverse points of view. 

FHS Winning Team #2 with their award at the 10th Annual Ethics Bowl