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Farmingdale Legislative Action Committee Meets with Albany Lawmakers

On February 26, 2019, twenty-six members of Farmingdale’s Legislative Action Committee traveled to the New York State Capitol in Albany to present their 2018-2019 legislative proposals and to discuss the impact of pending and future legislation on public schools.

The committee—students, teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and members of the board of education—took a guided tour of the Capitol and saw the chambers where their state government convenes. 

Fourteen high school students were selected for the trip—determined by teachers Jim Hughes and Jennifer Theo—based on the courses and clubs they participate in. Students knocked on the doors of more than 15 legislative offices to lobby for the urgent need for predictable and equitable school funding, safety in our schools, and more support for the needs of a shifting student population.

The students met with Assemblyman Lipetri and Assemblyman Mikulin, and had impromptu hallway meetings with Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone and Assemblyman Steve Stern. 

They shared with their representatives what it means to be a Daler, and how important it is for them to get a well-rounded education. Throughout the day, Board of Education members Kathy Lively, Suzanne D’Amico, and Anthony Giordano were on hand to help students articulate their advocacy efforts. 

“The ride there and back was full of laughs, important dialogue on future direction, and most importantly a continued recognition and gratitude for the wonderful school and community we serve,” said Assistant Superintendent for Innovation and Organizational Development Dr. William Brennan. This was Dr. Brennan’s first year leading the committee. “It was an incredible opportunity for our students to see first-hand how government works and how laws are developed and implemented. Students came to understand that laws have a direct impact on school funding, and ultimately their education. It was heartwarming for us to see them in action, speaking with such pride about Farmingdale. They were an inspiration for everyone on this trip.”

Click here to read the legislative proposals

See below to view a slideshow of photos from the day.