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Farmingdale School District Supports Farmingdale Ice Hockey Team

Farmingdale School District is announcing its decision to formally recognize and support the local ice hockey team on a district level. 

Back in March, the Farmingdale Ice Hockey team—which plays under the New York Islanders High School Hockey League—attended the board of education meeting to advocate for ice hockey to be recognized as a varsity sport. However, ice hockey isn’t on the list of sanctioned sports for Section 8 Athletics—as dictated by the state. The granting of a varsity designation goes beyond any district’s control. 

Nevertheless, Superintendent Paul Defendini, Assistant Superintendent Glen Zakian, and Farmingdale High School Principal Dr. Samuel Thompson met with six members of the ice hockey team to discuss other measures of support that the district could provide. The players presented several ideas; nearly all of them were able to be granted.

Going forward, all senior players will be invited to the end of year awards night, and the team will be provided a meeting space during the winter sports time-frame following the athletic recognition ceremony. They will also be eligible for awards and receive certificates from their coaches. 

The ice hockey team will be represented in the yearbook (as a club in 2019 and next year in the winter sports section—as the yearbook has already been drafted), and receive wall space for future ice hockey achievements. The players agreed to work with Dr. Thompson to raise money for the materials that the Technology Honor Society will use to create their wall. The team was also granted the ability to fundraise at school events, submit recruiting and event flyers for distribution, and put forward public address announcements to promote their games.

While the team can’t officially earn a scholar-athlete award (those awards are given by the NYS High School Athletic Association to only state sanctioned sports), the district has agreed to add the ice hockey team to the roster of “club teams” (i.e. Steppin’ Dalers and Dalerettes) and will give them recognition if they earn a 90 grade-point average.

“These young men took the time to advocate for themselves and for something they believed in,” said Superintendent Paul Defendini. “I couldn’t be any prouder of their character, courage and candor.