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Fourth Annual AP Physics Recycled Raft Regatta

Students enrolled in Farmingdale High School’s AP Physics C class participated in the school’s Fourth Annual Recycled Raft Regatta!

Five teams—the S.S. Fishfinder, the S.S. Cool Boat Names for Kids, the U.S.S. Reagan, Unidentified Floating Object (UFO), and Buoyancé—were tasked with designing raft-boats out of recycled materials that would support their weight and stay afloat while they raced across the school pool and back.

The bleachers were full of teachers and students cheering everyone on during the big race. In the end it was Team Buoyancé who came away with the 2019 championship trophy and bragging rights.

“This project teaches students about buoyancy and fluid mechanics,” said teacher Adriana Wetzel. “They endured a lot of trial and error and went through massive amounts of duct tape and hundreds of recycled bottles, but what I hope what they will remember most is all the fun they had!” 

In conjunction with the project, each team submits an engineering notebook, which details daily tasks, photographs, diagrams, calculations, and final thoughts and conclusions. 

Other awards given out included: The Titanic Award for Most Spectacular Sinking to Unidentified Floating Object (UFO), the Team Spirit Award to the U.S.S. Reagan, the Best Dressed Team to S.S. Cool Boat Names for Kids, and the Pride of the Regatta/Best Design went to S.S. Fishfinder.