Windows 10 - Beginner Resources

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    Windows 10 - Top Enhancements

    • New Start Menu
      The Start menu appears on the left in a single column with jump lists and flyout menus displaying more options. You can easily view used and recently installed programs, with the option to switch to a scrolling alphabetical view of your applications. There is also an extra pane where you can pin Windows 8-style tiles in a variety of sizes. 

    • Cortana
      Cortana is an intelligent digital assistant that can recognize natural spoken language and monitors your actions over time. Contana allows you to search for apps, files or folders by typing in keywords or saying the terms you're looking for if you have a microphone available.

    • Task View - Virtual Desktops
      You can set up virtual desktops if you're working on separate projects and you want to group application screens together so you don't get them mixed up.

    • Universal Apps
      Use the Windows Store to download desktop programs as well as modern Windows apps. Many of the apps will be universal apps such as Word and Excel that are the same code on a PC, a Windows phone, an Xbox One. The interface is designed to change to match the screen size.

    • File Explorer - A new file management application that allows the user to browse and interact with available files.

    • Snap Assist
      Drag windows into the corners of the screen to get the familiar Snap view. You can now use all four corners of your screen if you want each window to take up a quarter of the screen instead of half, and the space that isn't filled by the window you just dragged shows thumbnails of your other windows to make it easier to snap the next one into place.

    • Action Center
      A notification center on the right of the screen with notifications from various apps at the top and your choice of various settings buttons at the bottom for quick access.