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TODAY IS FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2021, AND IT IS A “B” DAY (Group 1 & Hybrid Group 5)


A reminder to everyone that social distancing must be maintained while other people are around, and face masks MUST be worn at all times.


Today is the last day of "No Name-Calling Week." Here is a fact for you to keep in mind: School-based bullying prevention programs decrease bullying by up to 25%. (McCallion & Feder, 2013)

Here is a quote from an anonymous author: "Kindness is the ability to know what the right thing to do is and having the courage to do it."


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The following will be held after school today:

*  Boys' Swimming w/Coach Coleman at the HS Pool



Virtual Extra Help is available on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 4:00-5:00 pm (ELA, Italian, Spanish, Math, Science, Social Studies, Special Ed)


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Current News

Welcome Back Dalers!

Welcome Back Dalers! thumbnail179540

A Few Highlights From Our First Week Back

Holiday Cheer for All to Hear

Tuba Christmas thumbnail179239

Holiday Cheer for All to Hear

Farmingdale, NY (December 15, 2020)-- Twenty-Three Farmingdale student musicians from Weldon E. Howitt Middle School and Farmingdale High School, along with four alumni and eight members of staff and administration, performed in the 47th annual Tuba Christmas concert, held at the Howitt Middle School courtyard.

“We were thrilled to be able to continue the Tuba Christmas tradition in Farmingdale during a year that so many special events have been canceled”, said band director Erica Hartman. “It is always an honor to be able to play with your students and colleagues. Next year we hope to be back on the ice at Rockefeller Center but if not we will be right back here at Howitt!”

In years past, as is tradition, the performance would take place under the famous tree in Rockefeller Center and would include a collaboration with approximately 400 other musicians from across the country. The need to remain responsible and socially distant didn’t stop Dalers from spreading holiday cheer for all to hear! The Tuba Christmas concert consisted of three songs, performed live in the courtyard. Band members played “Deck the Halls'', “Jingle Bells''and finished strong with “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”. Many band members dressed inofficial Farmingdale Tuba Christmas hats with their instruments adorned with tinsel and lights. Even Superintendent Paul Defendini joined the band for this festive performance.

“It was such an honor to perform with such a dedicated group of teachers and students”, said Superintendent, Paul Defendini. “Tuba Christmas was another example of our amazing staffmaking the best of a difficult situation.”

Tuba Christmas was conceived by tuba virtuoso Harvey Phillips to honor his late mentor and teacher, William J. Bell —born Christmas Day, 1902. The first Tuba Christmas at Rockefeller Center was performed in 1974, and the tradition is held annually in over two hundred cities around the world. Past musical performances done by Farmingdale’s student-musicians have received high praise. Most notably, Farmingdale’s Symphony Orchestra was recently recognized by Rolf Anderson, son of renowned “Sleigh Ride” composer Leroy Anderson, for their remarkable 2018 performance of “A Christmas Festival”.




Howitt Middle School

Alessandro Chavarria-Fuentes 

Andrew Adamo 

Zachary Commike 

Luke Ferraiolo 

Nicholas Agrillo 

Angel Aguilar 

Ava Vaden 

Gavin Frank 

Mason Schwimmer 

Christian D'Amico 

Jackson Defendini 

Farmingdale High School

Hayden Bailey 

Nicholas Maltese 

Jabari Wellington 

Ariana Diaz 

Kevin Piranio 

Aidan Kelly 

Ashton Jonak 

Will Bany 

Olivia Espinosa 

Sean Ramirez 

Charlotte Rutkowski 

Joe Sancetta 


Gio Maraboli: Julliard 

Jason Lensky: Crane School of Music

Alex Felker: Ithaca University

Aiden Timko: Crane School of Music 

Staff & Administration

Jennifer Tower 

Erica Hartmann 

Gina Pellettiere 

Barbara Liberman 

Matthew DeMasi 

Phil Scanze 

Greg Warnokowski 


Holiday Cheer for All to Hear

Holiday Cheer for All to Hear thumbnail179294

Below you’ll find several links to all of the festive performances our Daler community has orchestrated this Holiday season. Enjoy!

Albany Avenue Elementary School's Senior Band & Orchestra Holiday Greeting 2020

Farmingdale High School Hallelujah Chorus

Tuba Christmas

Farmingdale High School Mixed Chorus: Deck the Halls

Farmingdale High School Marching Band & Dalerettes Wish You A Happy Holiday Season

Saltzman East Memorial Elementary School: Holiday Entrance Music 2020

Daler A Cappella - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Farmingdale High School's Jazz Chorus performs Silent Night

Northside Senior Band Winter Concert 2020

Symphony Orchestra

String and Symphony Orchestras December Collaboration



National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society  thumbnail178442

137 Middle School Students Inducted into National Junior Honor Society 

On the evening of Tuesday, November 24th, 2020, 137 eighth graders were inducted to the National Junior Honor Society. In order to be eligible, they needed to retain an overall average of 92.0 or higher for all of sixth and seventh grade and provide proof of community service. To maintain their status, they must complete 4 hours of community service per month for the rest of the school year as well as uphold good grades. 

“You represent the best of what a Howitt student can be,” said Howitt Middle School Principal Michael Gavalas. “We can all agree that success is a process and it takes a village, it takes a family to help each one of us find the best version of ourselves.”

To keep within COVID-19 regulations, this year’s ceremony was held virtually, recorded and posted on youtube for all families to enjoy. Congratulations to this year's inductees.

Howitt Middle School's National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony 2020.


Farmingdale School District-Settle The Ball 2020

Settle the Ball 2020 thumbnail178388

Dear Farmingdale School Community,

It’s safe to say that none of us, including myself, knew what to expect this school year. Those first few days of school were a whirlwind. Four days felt like four weeks. But amidst the noise and haste, something interesting happened in the days that followed, our staff started to “settle the ball.” Our level of comfort grew in this new world that we created and so did the experiences that we provided for our students. Walking the halls, I heard the sounds of joyful learning, heartfelt laughing, and a connection that I could have never imagined possible.

In soccer, settling the ball provides momentary control, allowing the player to make a good next decision. Failing to settle the ball causes players to rush their decision-making process and ultimately results in careless mistakes. It is a reference back to Superintendent's Conference Day in September and my attempt to slow down the pace of what was going on all around us. “Settle the Ball” is the theme of this year’s Daler pin, something that we here in the district wear with pride to remember the essence of what it is to be a family and to remember the importance of our collective efforts. This year's Daler pin is featured in the attached video.

As we enter the Thanksgiving break, I’d like to take a moment to thank the incredible staff we have here in the Farmingdale School District. We are truly blessed. I have found that sometimes words are not enough to express a person’s worth. Sometimes, people need to see themselves and see their impact to truly realize how selfless and powerful they truly are. This video is a testament to our staff putting their needs on the back burner and focusing instead on the needs of their students. Although we are all a bit beaten and battered, there has never been more reason to feel an overwhelming sense of pride than today. May every one of you have a most blessed and safe Thanksgiving break and enjoy the attached “Settle the Ball” video!

All my best,

Paul Defendini


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