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Staff Directory

Weldon E. Howitt Middle School


Assistant Principals
(Assistant Principal)
(HMS Assistant Principal / Guidance)

(Assistant Principal)


Faculty and Staff
Art - Director: Gregory Warnokowski

ELA - Director: Dr. Joshua Anisansel

ENL - Director: Dr. Joshua Anisansel

Family & Consumer Science - Director: Marisa Bel

Guidance - Director: Maureen Moloughney

Health Education - Director: Kristen Cummings

Information Tech Aide

Instructional Coach

Learning Consultant (SE)

Library - Director: Samantha Black

Math - Director: Marissa Sciremammano

Math Lab - Director: Marissa Sciremammano

Music - Director: Greg Warnokowski


Physical Education - Director: Jeanne Berkoski

Psychologist - Director: Donald Cassidy

Reading - Director: Josh Anisansel

Reset Room

Science - Director: Kristen Cummings

Social Studies - Director: Samantha Black

Social Worker - Director: Maureen Moloughney

Special Education - Director: Donald Cassidy - Chairperson: Yuvelin Baltar

Speech - Director: Donald Cassidy

STEM Lab - Director: Marisa Bell

Technology - Director: Marisa Bel

Twenty First Century

World Languages - Director: Marisa Bel

Writing Lab

By The Numbers