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Albany Avenue Elementary School would like to congratulate the Class of 2022.

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The Farmingdale School District Fine Arts Department recently welcomed hundreds of community residents to the annual district-wide art show! The popular event was on display in the commons at Farmingdale High School. Daler artwork from each school across the district was on display for all to see while student musicians performed for guests to enjoy.

The districtwide art show is an evening devoted to Farmingdale’s young artists, grades K-12. The artwork features drawings, paintings, ceramics, sculptures, photography, and graphic designs. A special thank you to all Farmingdale art teachers for making this possible!

Farmingdale has incredibly talented student artists. If you didn't get a chance to stop by the district art show, don't worry. Check out these amazing pieces! Keep up the great work, Dalers!


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Farmingdale's 5th Annual Elementary STEAM Night, held on March 21st, was a fantastic night of hands-on learning. Teachers and student volunteers helped guide families through a fun-filled evening celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math in a carnival-like atmosphere filled with games, puzzles, and activities.

“STEAM Night is my favorite night of the year,” said Director of Science Dr. Kristen Cummings. “As soon as you arrive, you can feel a positive energy. The most amazing part is that it is a true community effort that brings the entire district together.”

Farmingdale’s Elementary STEAM Night, attended by more than 600 people, had over 100 volunteers manning dozens of engaging stations. Some of the more popular demonstrations were: A Shocking Development, Make your Flashlight, The Science of the Electric Guitar, Whirly Swirly Pipe Making Sounds, Make Your Ice Cream, Doodle Bots, Slinky Fall, Football Fizzicks, Fold and Fly, Anatomy Assembly, Mini Metric Olympics, Quivervision, Slippery Slime, Penny Boats, and Mix with Minions.

Several Farmingdale High School clubs played a massive part in the night’s success—Robotics, Science Olympiad, Women In STEM, Science Research Club, Real Harmony, Health Science Club, and Theatre students. Teacher volunteers from the district’s six buildings were also on hand to help the event run smoothly.

A big thank you to the Farmingdale Teacher Center (FTC), who helped support the preparation for the night, and to the Farmingdale Federation of Teachers (FFT) for donating the STEAM Night string bags that were given to all the guests.

An event as grand as STEAM Night doesn’t happen without countless hours of planning and re-planning. Farmingdale School District’s Director of Science, Dr. Kristen Cummings, National Science Honor Society Members, their advisors Sara Whitaker, Mike Boyd, and STEAM Night Coordinators Tatiana Hakimian and Julie Bonventere can rest assured that STEAM Night was a hit with families. The Daler community can not wait for next year’s event!


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Fourth and fifth-grade Albany Avenue Elementary School students attended a special assembly with GOAT USA co-founder T.J. Cristina. Cristina, a Long Island native, spoke about creating the brand and its mission; to inspire every person to be the greatest version of themselves. He urged students to be kind, wake up early, stay active, and work hard.


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It was Green vs. White in an enthusiastic and friendly competition as Farmingdale fifth graders put on their game faces and challenged each other at the district’s first-ever Sports Night on March 6. This inaugural event is a night of fun for students, featuring various athletic games that promote camaraderie, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Fifth graders from the districts four elementary schools; Albany Avenue, Northside, Saltzman East Memorial and Woodward Parkway were divided into two teams – Green and White – and compete in several creative, athletic events, Castle Ball, Basketball Relay, Trench Ball, and a Pursuit Relay. Teams were also scored on sportsmanship and spirit. It was an extremely close race, but in the end, the white team stood victorious.

"Congratulations to all the participants who made Sports Night so successful," said Director of Athletics Jeanne Berkoski. "Thank you to the PE teachers, Farmingdale High School's Varsity Leaders, Dalerettes, Cheerleaders, and building administration for doing an incredible job coordinating the activities and events."



In February, Farmingdale High School hosted the All-District Strings concert, bringing together student musicians from all six Farmingdale schools. Nearly 300 students performed in a packed house inside the high school auditorium.

“Everyone in the audience can see and hear the level of growth that takes place from the elementary to the high school level,” said Director of Fine and Performing Arts Greg Warnokowski. “Congratulations to Ms. Mannino, Mr. Gelfer, Mr. Szabo, Mr. Eustaquio, Ms. Cocheo, Ms. Felker, and all of our students for their hard work and dedication.”

The grand finale brought students from every grade level to perform Beethoven’s Ode To Joy. The All-District Strings concert is staged every three years, alternating with All-District Band and All-District Chorus. This was their first performance since 2018.

WATCH the All District Strings Performance NOW

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