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World Languages 


A Glimpse at What You'll Do

High School American Sign Language video #1

High School American Sign Language video #2

High School French video

High School Italian video

Department Highlights

The World Languages Department offers courses in three languages beginning in grade 7.  Students can choose either French, Italian or Spanish. American Sign Language is offered in grades 9-12.

Students who begin their foreign language sequence in 7th grade will complete their requirement for high school graduation in 8th grade upon passing the New York State Proficiency Examination (Check Point A) and successful completion of the 8th grade course. They will also earn 1 high school credit.

A Comprehensive Check Point B examination in the student's language sequence will be given in 10th grade. This qualifies them for the advanced Regents Diploma.

Upon successful completion of the required sequence, students have the opportunity to study further by taking Italian, French, ASL and Spanish 4 up to a College Level 5 under the umbrella of Molloy College.  ASL levels 1-4, offer college level credits through St. John's University.


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