About Our Board

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  • BOE & District Goals
    We acknowledge that there are certain basic principles that shall guide the Board of Education in its actions and activities on behalf of our students and our community. The mission of the Farmingdale School District is to educate our students to become independent thinkers and problem solvers. It is our goal to empower each student to meet the challenges of tomorrow's emerging world. The District will provide a safe, nurturing environment in which individual and civic responsibility is fostered, diversity is respected, and all students are enabled to realize their full potential. 
    Communication with the Board

    All communications to the Board of Education are to be in the hands of the District Clerk twenty-four hours before a meeting in order to be considered at the meeting. Correspondence may be addressed to Board of Education, Farmingdale Union Free School District, 50 Van Cott Avenue, Farmingdale, NY 11735.
    You can contact the Farmingdale Board of Education via email at boe@farmingdaleschools.org


    An appeal may be made at any time to the Board concerning the policies, administrative code and regulations of the school district. Citizens, however, should take up school matters first with the teacher, then the building principal, next the Superintendent's office and finally the Board of Education.

    Public Relations

    A board newsletter and the local newspapers will be used to keep parents and taxpayers informed on school matters.

    The Budget

    Voting on the school budget takes place in May. A number of public budget workshops are scheduled throughout the spring prior to adoption of the budget for presentation to the voters.
    Absentee Ballot Application

    Details of the budget for the operation of schools are available for review three weeks before voting at the Office of the Assistant Superintendent for Business, Howitt School, Farmingdale. A simplified budget is published in the district's newsletter and sent to all homes prior to the vote.

    The Board of Education of the Farmingdale Union Free School District does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race or disability in the educational programs and activities that it operates, or the employment therein.

    Emergency Closings

    Arrangements have been made to notify the general public whenever schools are to be closed, or if there is to be a delayed opening because of weather conditions. Announcements will be broadcast intermittently over the following stations:

    News 12 Cable
    WALK 97.5 FM
    WABC 770 AM
    WBAB 102.3 FM
    WBLI 106.1 FM
    WCBS 880 AM
    WINS 1010 AM
    WHLI 1100 AM
    WNYG 1140 AM
    WOR 710 AM

    Whenever you are in doubt about the schools being opened, you are urged to listen to one of these stations for bulletins to avoid the congestion that results when many people try to telephone the school.


    The Compulsory Education Law requires all minors to attend school on a prompt and regular basis. The Law permits legal absence from school for the following reasons only: sickness, sickness or death in family, religious observance, and required presence in court.
    Request for Public Access to Records 
    Requests for public access to records under the Freedom of Information Legislation (FOIL) may be submitted electronically to the District Clerk at mrogers@farmingdaleschools.org. Subsequent communication using this method will be via email.

    Alternately, a Request for Public Access to Records form may be mailed or faxed to the contact information below.:

    Records Access Officer
    Farmingdale UFSD
    50 Van Cott Avenue
    Farmingdale, NY 11735
    Phone - 516 434-5170
    Fax - 516 752-6680

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