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Program Overview

  • Vision

    The vision for One-to-World Learning is to build a personalized, digital learning Initiative to boost academic achievement and better prepare students for college and the workforce. One-to-World Learning will advance the transformation of teaching and learning and accelerate the academic achievement of all students.


    The district implemented One-to-World Learning to give teachers and students the tools to personalize learning and to achieve the level of rigorous instruction required for the successful implementation of the curriculum standards and, ultimately, to prepare students for an ever-changing global society. 

    Our work is guided by the Farmingdale Principles of Practice stated below

    Students Will Be Intelligent Consumers of Content

    Today’s students are growing up in an information-rich environment.  There is so much information, in fact, that it can tend to be overwhelming - even for adults.  One-to-World will create efficient consumers of information, ensuring students get the most possible value from the access to unlimited information under the guidance of teachers and librarians.

    Create Opportunities for Quality Feedback For Students and Parents

    We know that feedback has a fundamental influence on student achievement.  It enables students to learn from their mistakes and become well-rounded learners.  One-to-World streamlines the feedback process, making it easier than ever for teachers and students to have beneficial communication.

    Students Will be Self-Reflective Regulators of Their Learning

    Learning is no longer limited to the classroom or homework; all activity online is an opportunity for expanded learning for augmented education.  One-to-World will help teach students to regulate their personal learning, intuitively filtering content for value.

    Provide a Personalized Learning Initiative for Each Student

    Every student learns differently and teachers have long-since moved past the one-size-fits-all method of education. One-to-World will empower teachers to personalize learning plans, and it will give them access to students’ screens to see where they need help.

  • For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact:

    Bill Brennan, Ed.D.
    Assistant to the Superintendent for Innovation