Office of Innovation and Communications

    Dr. William Brennan  
     Dr. William Brennan
     Administrative Director for
     Innovation & Communications
     50 Van Cott Avenue
     Farmingdale, NY 11735
     Twitter @DrBillBrennan 


  • An opportunity for administration, teachers, parents and students to have access to information (ie. data, resources and other communications) in an easily accessible and simple to navigate platform.

    A One-to-World Learning Initiative supporting personalized learning for students and provides opportunities for self-selected and self-regulated learning K-12.

    A world class IT team supporting the future needs of Farmingdale students and staff.

    A professional development team that is equipped to support teachers in their use of technology to support One-to-World Learning initiative goals. This includes personnel that possess the knowledge and relationship skills to address technical and pdagogical gaps among teachers and administration.

    An enrichment program supporting the individual aspirations of each child; co-existing in all curricular areas of learning.

    A library program serving as the center for all teaching and learning district-wide.